About Us

Our goal is to provide you with the most exciting wildlife stock footage and still photo imagery.

Currently the main focus at OjatroVisuals.com are reptiles,  which includes venomous snakes as well as

the invasive species which are threatening the eco system in Florida. Our library of stock footage contains  

the most comprehensive documentation on Burmese Pythons and other constrictors found in the wilds

of South Florida, all offered at the lowest pricing structure currently found on the internet.

We are located in South Miami, Florida, in close proximity to the  Everglades National Park and many

other natural and exciting film locations, such as the Florida Keys and marine venues. If you have any

questions or  are in need of assistance finding the right material for your Film, TV program or Web

Production, please feel free to contact us in the USA at (786) 487- 6152

or email us at  Ojatro@Gmail.com