Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I find a clip on your site?
Simply enter a keyword or keyword combination in the search box.

How do I sort or filter a large number of clips?
By using the Category Filters and/or Related Keywords.

How do I store clips & images I might want to purchase later?
By adding them to your Wishlist but you’ll need to be logged into your account.

How long will my clips & images be stored in my Wishlist?

Indefinitely, until you either buy or delete the clips or images from your Wishlist.

Can I send my Wishlist collection to my editor, producer or client for approval?

Yes. All watermarked clips & images are downloadable.

What formats are offered on Ojatro Visuals?
Our downloadable clips are available in Photo Jpeg & NTSC for the most part.

What if I need a different format?
Please contact our US office at + (786) 487- 6152 or email us at Ojatro@Gmail.com

Licenses and Clip Usage

Is there anything I can't do with a Royalty Free clip?
Our footage & images cannot be sold or resold as a stock footage element or as part of any other content library or collection. It cannot be made downloadable as a stand alone product or shared through an online delivery mechanism or in a game situation for the purposes of allowing the end user to stream or download the clip as a stand alone element, or in conjunction with other elements. If you have downloaded a clip from us, it is expressly illegal to share the clip with others for the purpose of creating a stock enterprise.

Pricing and Discounts

If I am ordering many clips, can I get a price break?
Discounts & price packaging will be implemented soon

I am unable to download my clip at my present location. Can I get the clip sent via ftp?
Please contact our US office at + (786) 487- 6152 or email us at Ojatro@Gmail.com



How do I submit my footage to the site?

We’ll implementing a Contributor section soon.